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Posted: 25 Oct 2005, 14:29
by crashdau
I'm not sure if this program is working. When I try to change to a different set of icons, "Vista Beta One.exe", I don't see a change in the icons for the folders or files. The only choice I see when I open the program is Default.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

Posted: 25 Oct 2005, 23:40
by Cocotteseb
Welcome to my forum!!
Sorry for the delay....
IconXT normally works!!!
Well I already say it in Vista beta one thread at lakeridge software forums : "For IconXT the system skinning is not yet implented: I'm currently thinking of the way to do it and in my roadmap it will come in 0.4.Sorry.
BUT IconXT supports skins as psshutxp does.You're right when put
Vista Beta ONE.exe in the IconXT Folder on Pocket PC.Next rename the existing icones.exe into for example iconesdefault.exe.Then rename Vista Beta ONE.exe into icones.exe
In IconXT, be not worry about the name of the skin and choose "default"
If you already skin the folders with a precedent skin you maybe see the changes after a softreset (the os apparently loads icons and does not refresh them)"
Let me know if it helps and manage to work it!
I'm very pleased you ask something you do not understand!

Posted: 28 Oct 2005, 08:15
by Jukov
I echo that.
I love the idea of this app, although it's quite unclear how to install and where to install the icons to.
I've been tring to install to the main memory and to build in storage (I'm using Dell Axim x50v) . I get it operate and even able to see that root shortcut inside my "programs" folder, but none of the icons are changed :huh:
What i'm saying is a simple installing procedure explanation is needed.

Posted: 31 Oct 2005, 15:16
by Cocotteseb
Jukov just pm you! =)

Posted: 22 Feb 2007, 04:42
by hrk
hi i have NETcf2 2.0.5238.0. , 1.0.4292.2 installed but still cant get to dl the icon files.
program can be opened nicely

if u have a pdf files as menu pls send to me . thanks alot.

Posted: 22 Feb 2007, 17:48
by Cocotteseb

There is a french tutorial here : <a href=' ... ssiers.htm' target='_blank'> ... ers.htm</a>

It might helps you :)