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Posted: 16 Feb 2008, 22:34
by ToddeSwe

Just discovered this nice peice of software BUT, i downloaded the Vista skin, but when i put it in the skins folder NOTHING happens, then i make a Vista folder and put it inside there, result the program crashes.

Can you please tell me where to put things to make this wonderful program work?


Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 14:26
by Cocotteseb
Hi ToddeSwe!

Welcome to our forums!

I see you manage to get this issue over (on the other thread). Indeed the current public version is buggy and the skins available on the main site aren't up-to-date. :/.
But there is some great news: I'm currently working on a new major version with several improvements. One of these is that the picture file is no longer needed. Indeed previews are now... real time !! B)

Just let me a mail if you to test the current beta.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 16:41
by ToddeSwe

I've sent you a PM with my mail!